- Do you spend countless hours in line waiting to visit with Santa just to find out your child is afraid? 

 - Did you spend an arm and a leg on photos? 

 - Did you know you can have Santa and or Mrs Claus visit with you at your home?

 - Santa stops by with a personal visit to your home,

 - You get to take all the pictures you want (and you get to print as many as you want).

 - You can make it an event, invite your family and friends. 

  - You can leave presents outside and Santa will pick them up and give them to your child/children/Adults. 

 - Santa works days, nights, Christmas Eve and Christmas Day.  There is no additional charge for Christmas Eve.

 - Best of all your child/children are in a familiar setting. 

 - And don't forget Santa Bobby is a natural bearded Santa, providing Santa services for over 30 years.

 - Are you having a corporate, daycare, military or school event?  Have Santa come visit.

 - And finally Santa and his helpers all believe Santa is a Jolly Old Elf and not a serious old man, so we like to have fun.


 - Would you like Santa or Mrs Claus to provide balloon animals, a little magic or face painting by Mrs Claus or an Elf?  We can do that also.  


We perform Holiday Characters all year long.

If you have any questions or would like to discuss your needs further please contact us




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