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  • Katie Glemzu (Monday, May 02 22 12:29 pm EDT)

    Welcome to the market!

  • Marion Land-Moore (Saturday, November 16 19 10:30 am EST)

    I met you at an event in Suffolk last Saturday. Please let me know about the classes you mentioned and the convention or clown conferences.

    Thank you, I am Karla the Classy Clown

  • Ashley Weddle (Saturday, December 20 14 10:07 pm EST)

    I took my son and daughter to a Christmas party on the 19th and was very impressed with Santa! Not only did he look like the best Santa I had ever seen, he was amazing with the children! He was so
    friendly, welcoming, and very playful! He paid special attention to each and every one of the children there. Best Santa experience, hands down! Thank you!

  • Lia (Saturday, December 20 14 07:47 pm EST)

    Had Bobby as Santa at our Holiday Parties yesterday, and another day last week. Did not disappoint! Great with the kids and looks just like the real Santa! Thanks again Bobby. We look forward to
    working with you again.

  • Lia Rudon (Friday, November 21 14 11:54 am EST)

    We used Bobby the Clown as Santa last year at our Annual Armed Services YMCA Holiday Party and he was a huge hit! Amazing with the kids and we are all convinced he is actually the REAL SANTA! We are
    using him again this year and can\'t wait! Great guy and great prices!

  • Tashay Selby (Saturday, September 21 13 12:55 am EDT)

    I had his for my kids bday he was very good loved him.

  • Faye (Friday, December 21 12 11:17 pm EST)

    We had a vist from Santa last Sunday, Dec 16 2012. I must say it was fantastic. A very real looking Santa..We will be booking Bobby again! Thanks!

  • Georgette Semon (Tuesday, March 06 12 01:10 pm EST)

    Looks Good!!!

  • Evelyn Smith (Giggles) (Wednesday, March 09 11 05:00 pm EST)

    Hope you are feeling better and everything went well for you.
    This is Evelyn Smith, Giggles from Gloucester VA

  • Dusty the Clown (Friday, November 12 10 01:23 pm EST)

    What has a red nose, gray hair and lives in a test tube??????? Bobby the Clone Bobby's the Best......

  • tina (Saturday, October 16 10 03:04 pm EDT)

    I think Bobby the Clown is wonderful